Shareholder Information

Shareholders may be referred to as members of a corporation. Legally, a person is not a shareholder in a corporation until their name and other details are entered in the corporation‘s register of shareholders or members. A beneficial shareholder is the person that has the economic benefit of ownership of the shares, while a nominee shareholder is the person who is on the corporation’s register as the owner.

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Shareholder Forms

Useful forms to help you manage your Tata Investment Corporation Limited shareholding and updating your personal details. For Shareholder forms, Please click the link below:


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Corporate Governance

Report on corporate governance
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Net asset value and other accounting and recordkeeping activities are the result of the process of fund accounting. Fund accounting systems are sophisticated computerized systems used to account for investor capital flows in and out of a fund, purchases and sales of investments and related investment income, gains, losses and operating expenses of the fund.

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