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Investment Philosophy

Tata Investment (the Company) invests in a diversified portfolio of quoted and unquoted securities of companies, including Tata Companies, which are engaged in various businesses with a history of strong operating and financial performance. The typical investment approach of the Company will be to seek a combination of value and growth. A company that exhibits growth characteristics, is well managed, has a sound position in its industry, available at fair value according to conservative accounting norms is an ideal investment opportunity for the Company.

The Company believes that its investments provide a sustainable competitive advantage in volatile markets and would contribute to its dividend income as well as any profits that may be realized on sale of such investments. The Company may consider short-term opportunities where it may see prospects for attractive returns, but will primarily focus on a long-term value creation strategy rather than on any near-term impact on its revenues, profits or cash flows.

The Company’s primary sources of income consist of dividend income and net profit on sale of investments. The Company also invests in units of mutual funds, bonds and venture capital funds.

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